I am a very proud Dad of two amazing Daughters.

After briefly serving in the hospitality industry I joined the US military and became an F-16 Fighter Pilot, then a Special Operations Officer.

After many years in the “full-time” military, I transitioned to the “part-time” military and began a business career.

After several years in business starting and scaling several companies as an entrepreneur, business leader, and investor, I re-entered the active-duty military as a General Officer

I’ve learned a lot in my life. My goal with this blog is to continue to invest in people every day by passing on the lessons I’ve learned and some of the mistakes I’ve made so readers don’t have too repeat them.

The views on this site do not represent the views of the United States Government in any way.  All opinions are my own.

The Author is currently serving as an active-duty military officer. Any comments or recommendations on this post or on this site are solely and expressly my personal views and do not represent the position of any branch of the United States Government, the Department of Defense, or the Department of the Air Force.