Current Reading List

“All Leaders are Readers, not all readers are Leaders”
President Harry S. Truman

2024 Reading List

Words of Wisdom
Strength for Service
A Calendar of Wisdom
The Daily Stoic
The Maxwell Daily Reader
The Daily Laws

DayOne Journal Entry – > Letters to My Daughters
Daily 5min Journal

2023 Morning Reads (Most current first)

Strength for Service
Words of Wisdom
The Wisdom of Fulton Sheen
A Calendar of Wisdom
The Daily Stoic
The Maxwell Daily Reader
The Daily Drucker
Personal Journal
Letters to My Daughters

2023 Reading List (As of Jan 1, 2023 from top to bottom)

  1. Meditations (Aurelius)
  2. Leadership (Kissinger)
  3. Wartime Writings (Saint-Exupery)
  4. Digital Minimalism (Newport)
  5. Guide to Analysing Companies (The Economist)

2022 Partial Reading List

Daily Reads

  • New Morning Mercies – Paul Tripp
  • The Maxwell Leadership Bible – John Maxwell
  • Strength for Service – Norman Nygaard
  • The Book of Amazing Stories – Robert Peterson
  • The Daily Stoic – Ryan Holiday and Steven Hanselman
  • The Maxwell Daily Reader – John Maxwell
  1. Allison, Graham – Destined for War
  2. Aurelius, Marcus, Meditations (Gregory Hays Modern Library Translation). Classic and timeless work that I often refer too. My copy is tattered and covered in notes.
  3. Clear, James, Atomic Habits
  4. Crist, James – Twighlight War
  5. Drucker, Peter, The Effective Executive
  6. Epstein, Peter – Range
  7. Ferris, Tim, The Four Hour Work Week. I’ve read and re-read this several times. Tim’s approach to the “new rich” is one that I’ve come to fully embrace within the limits of my life.
  8. Frankl, Victor, Man’s Search for Meaning
  9. Graham, Benjamin, Security Analysis
  10. Green, Robert, 48 Laws of Power
  11. Green, Robert, 33 Strategies of War
  12. Hamilton, Jay, Madison, The Federalist Papers. Often re-read.
  13. Holiday, Ryan, Conspiracy
  14. Holiday, Ryan, The Obstacle is the Way. A great primer for those wanting to think about modern Stoicism.
  15. Holiday, Ryan, Ego is the Enemy. A great read and I highly recommend it.
  16. Holiday, Ryan, Stillness is the Key. Great book focused on being thoughtful to our approach of mind, body, and spirit.
  17. Hubbard, Elbert, A Message to Garcia. A short read and a classic.
  18. Kissenger, Henry, Diplomacy
  19. Nye, Joseph – The Powers to Lead
  20. Perry, Mark – Partners in Command, Eisenhower and Marshall
  21. Puyear, Edgar, American Generalship
  22. Unger, Debi and Irwin – George Marshall
  23. Stavridis, ADM (Ret) James – The Leaders Bookshelf
  24. Williams, Pat and Denney Jim, Character Carved In Stone. A great read highlighting the incredible contribution to the character that West Point has made.