The Leader’s Playbook-7: Daily Rituals

Earlier in my life, I was all over the place in terms of deliberately developing what a successful and sustainable daily ritual might look like.

Three years ago while serving in a very high-tempo military job I made the decision to change this. I set out to put some deep and deliberate thought and design into what works for me and what would sustain my optimal level of performance over time. I wish I’d done this in my teens. It has sustained me while in very high-pressure jobs both at home and while deployed.

So here it is:

  • 4:15 AM: Alarm / Wakeup
  • 4:30-5:15 AM: Bullet Proof Coffee. Read the following:
    • Daily devotional, Bible study,”Strength for Service”, “The Daily Stoic”, Morning reflection.
  • 5:15-5:30 AM: Daily Journal
  • 5:30-6:30 AM: Workout / physical training (Weights, Cardio, Yoga)
  • 6:30-7:00 AM: Bloomberg News or a Podcast while prepping for work / Protein shake
  • 7:00 AM: Arrive at work
  • 7:00-6:00 PM: Work (My departure times vary)
  • 8:30 PM: Nightly shutdown, reflection, and meditation.
  • ~9:00 PM: Sleep (67 degrees, dark room)

I work out 6 days a week and take Sunday’s off.

I wish I’d done this years ago and hope that you will develop a Daily Ritual that works for you.

I also recommend you check out the book “Daily Rituals: How artists work” by Mason Currey. It was an entertaining read.

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