The Leader’s Playbook-6: Honor our Fallen

They were waiting for him when he arrived. They had never met him before but despite their difference in service, he was unquestionably their Brother.

They were six US Navy SEAL Officers.  One, an O-6 US Navy Captain, the Commander.  A second, the operations officer, a Lieutenant Commander and the other four were brand new BUDS graduates… all on their first deployment.  All 1st LTs or JGs.

As he arrived, they met him at the ramp to the emergency room door.  They moved silently, three to a side, and they, not the medical team, carried him into the ER where they surrounded him as the Chaplain read him his last rights.

When the Chaplin was done the Operations Officer ordered a hand salute… then for the next sixteen hours in 120-degree heat the young, brand new BUDS graduates, on their first deployment, stood the watch over him until the C-130 came to bring him home to his Family for the final time… their lives changed forever.

There are no words to express how the Brotherhood of War really works. As a Nation, we could not be more lucky to have American’s who selfless leave their families to go to war to protect us all… and give it all… and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood that serves alongside them every step of the way.

God Bless you and your Family… and thank you all beyond words.

NSDQ! Long Live The Brotherhood.